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Twilight Photography

What is twilight photography? In both architecture and real estate this is a very common technique to display what properties would look like with various levels of natural external lighting. Since designers purposefully create building forms to complement the innate characteristics of an area, this is helpful to highlight those natural lines which contribute to the vibe of a space.

While we typically associate twilights with that golden hour glow -- they're also beneficial in spotlighting features only visible in the evening, such as fire pits and pool lighting. On top of that, we can use a technique called digital sky replacement to avoid rescheduling photoshoots due to cloudy days. Using advanced computer editing skills our team can seamlessly replace gloomy skies with sunny blue airspace.


Studio Vos offers two types of twilight photography. Both have noticeable benefits which you'll learn about below. Regardless of your preference, setting the main MLS image as a dusk-style shot has been proven to significantly increase clickthrough rates.

Virtual Twilight

Example of twilight photography aka digital sky replacement

A virtual twilight is an economical way to have a "WOW" image to grab the viewer's attention. These do not require a return trip as we will simply edit a daytime image to simulate twilight. These make for great primary images on listings on only cost $15/image. If you need more than 3 twilights, you should consider Actual Twilights...

Actual Twilight

studio vos actual twilight photo

When you need 4-8 twilight images or have a property that looks spectacular in the evening- this is the option to choose. These images are similar to virtual twilights, except the viewer will usually be able to see inside the windows and the lighting is more natural. Actual twilights can be added to an order for $115.

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