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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quickest and easiest way to book a photo shoot?

The fastest and most efficient way to book an appointment would be to go to our order page and place an order. If you would rather have some interaction with a local human, just call or text us!


Why doesn’t someone answer the phone when I call?

We work with many agents throughout the day and aren’t always able to answer, but calls will be returned as soon as possible. Calls after 6PM are less likely to be answered. Voicemails and texts received after 8PM will be returned the next day.

How is your photography better than your competitor?

We blend ambient light and flash to capture accurate colors with sharp, HD quality images. Most others do “HDR” which will not produce the same results.


How far in advance do I need to schedule my photo shoot?

We are often able to shoot the next day but we ask that you give us as much notice as possible to ensure that you can be scheduled for the day/time that you may request. The more advance notice you give, the easier it is to get the exact time slot you would like, but we will do our best to accommodate your schedule in every situation.


Do you have Supra access? What is a CBS code and how do I find it?

Most of our photographers have Supra access. However, HAR requires us to use what’s called a “CBS code.” The CBS code for Supra is 7-digits. You can get the CBS code 3 ways: call HAR and ask for it, get it from the Supra website, or your Supra app by choosing “my keyboxes.”

How do I pay?

You can pay online when ordering. It will be the last step in the scheduling process. If you need or would like to wait to pay while scheduling, just give us a call or text and we will make the needed adjustments. Please note: images will be watermarked PREVIEW until payment has been received/processed.

Are there any discounts?

Occasionally we offer discounts, but we are a premium grade photography company offering amazing products at very competitive prices for the quality you will receive. Generally speaking, there simply isn't room for long-term discounts.

How many photos will I get? How do I pick which ones I want?

We will take enough photos to cover your property. We like to say we under-promise and over-deliver. Not only do we cover your entire property, but you will receive every photo we take.


When and how will I receive my pictures?

Your photos will be uploaded to the portal and you will receive an email once they are ready to be viewed. With our standard turnaround speed, photos are ready by 10:00AM the business day following your photo shoot (Saturday photos are delivered Monday). We do not currently offer same day turnaround.


What if I have to postpone, reschedule, or cancel my appointment?

Please give us as much notice as possible if there are any changes to your shoot. We understand that things come up, however, we do charge a $75 rescheduling fee if the appointment is postponed, canceled, or rescheduled within twelve hours of the scheduled appointment. We have a rescheduling fee to compensate our photographers for their time and gas.


Are there any rewards for referring friends, family, and coworkers?

Yes! When you refer another agent to us and they book an appointment, not only do you get a 10% off discount to go toward your next upcoming shoot, but the agent that you have referred will also receive a 10% off discount for their first shoot! Just contact us before paying so we can make the adjustments to your project.


Would Studio Vos be interested in sponsoring a breakfast or lunch at my office?

We would love to! Contact our Marketing Manager by emailing and he will get you set up.

Do I own the images? What are the Copyright rules?

All of our images are copyrighted (the intellectual property of Studio Vos) and we license our images to you for MLS use. The agent/client is granted Temporary Usage Rights to use the images until the property is either sold or goes off the market. The homeowner/seller does NOT own the images. If the agent changes or the homeowner would like to use the images, you must purchase extended usage rights for this use. Images are non-transferable.

Do you schedule on the weekends?

Photographers are available on a voluntary basis for weekend appointments. There is no additional charge for any shoots done on Saturday or Sunday. For weekend shoots, you will receive your images the following Monday.

Can I request a particular photographer?

Yes. Please understand though that this may dramatically increase your wait time for an available appointment. You have the option to view a certain photographer’s availability in the client portal. Keep in mind that all of our photographers are professionally trained by Brandon himself, as well as all use the similar equipment and the same team of editors. We believe you will be happy trying out any of our photographers.

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