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Floor Plans - Measurements

In a market defined by low inventory and rising prices, buyers expect sellers to make an immediate offer. Some lenders, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, have even been accepting desktop appraisals (where a physical inspection can be waived) for single-family homes since 2022 -- if a floor plan showing gross living area is presented. In those cases, floor plans have become a real estate professional's must-have closing tool!


They're also great for lead generation, as two-thirds of online viewers used them to determine interest in a property. Why not offer prospective buyers all the possible information and visual assets before scheduling in-person visits?


When agents proactively acquire floor plans the entire selling process just seems to move faster. Buyers, sellers, designers, stagers, and agents can all agree that floor plans with measurement dimensions create a better experience for each party involved. Studio Vos is a CubiCasa Preferred Photographer which means we offer free floor plans with every order!


Builders and homeowners undergoing extreme construction can receive additional benefits when floor plans are accompanied by our expert 3D rendered drawings! Need more reasons? Read our state-of-the-industry blog post about the pros, cons, and sales advantages of Studio Vos floor plans.

sample floor plan with dimensions

Floor plans must be ordered with photography.

Floor plans are delivered with next day photography.

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