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Executive Portraits, Headshots, & Lifestyle Photoshoots

Whether you're brand new to the real estate game or a seasoned veteran, current professional headshots are one of your greatest marketing tools for establishing brand identity. More than words, a new Princeton study has found the average person forms an opinion of us within 1/10 of a second! That means we're being judged as professionals before we even say anything. So, what is your photo saying about you?

Studio Vos creates images suitable for business cards, bus benches, and even billboards!  Let our proven team of experts help craft your best first impression. We'll teach you the poses that project trust and select the backdrops or on-site setting that inspires prospective leads to contact you.

$150+ for a session at your location. CONTACT US to learn more or book.

Fantasy & Cosplay Photoshoots

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like while casually walking away from a huge explosion? Or as an all-powerful magic-wielding mage? Maybe you've been doing cosplay for fun but now feel ready for that magazine feature or sponsorship. With help from the Vos mobile studio we can make your dreams a virtual reality!

studio vos black widow cosplay photo
studio vos fantasy cosplay photo
studio vos fantasy cosplay photo

Fantasy/cosplay portraits are $250+.

Optional on-site green screen is included.

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