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A Realtors Beginner Guide for Facebook. Everything you Need to Start Today

So, you want to get leads from Facebook?

You've probably heard that some people are building massive pipelines of buyers and sellers by exploiting social media. You may have thought social media is a pointless waste of time. Maybe you thought this simply wasn't the route for you, but now you see that the world is changing and you want (or need) to move with it. Only one big problem remains... You don't know how!

Never fear, Studio Vos has got your six. Welcome to the first in a series of social media starter guides designed specifically for real estate agents. Today, we'll review why you should care about Facebook, offer up an action outline, how to get started with video, best posting times, and spend a large portion on troubleshooting. Let's begin!

As a real estate agent, why should you care about Facebook?

It happens that 1/3rd of the entire globe has a Facebook account. Everyone from an unborn baby nicknamed "Bubba" to the 105 year old Edythe Kirchmaier. That means your target audience is there, too! It's simply a matter of finding them and making yourself look like someone they want to connect with. Interesting... now how do you actually do it?

Facebook fun facts for realtors
Facebook fun facts for realtors

For starters, you need to understand that a team of 50,000 Facebook employees couldn't possibly moderate the accounts of 2.6 billion people. Instead, an algorithm (computer formula) does most of the labor. Now the real question becomes, how do I make that algorithm work for me? Crafting a mobilizing online presence means following a specific recipe while allowing for your individual personality to shine through.

Get hip with the lingo

When you're serious about using social media to gather leads, clients, and establish your brand, then you need access to analytics. What's that, exactly? Facebook Analytics converts raw data into actionable insights to report your social page's performance over the short and longterm. Below is a small sample of what you'll receive.

From our page, a sample of what analytics offers
From our page, a sample of what analytics offers

Seeing the above, are you starting to understand how analytics can make a huge difference in your newfound professional social media page? Did I mention it's all free? After setup, you will also receive demographic/profile data for your:

  • Reach -- total number of people who saw your content. They may have decided not to interact with it, but you're still learning valuable information about how your audience views it. Sometimes called "view count," this is one of your most important metrics.

  • Impressions -- number of times your content is displayed on screen. This is not the same as "reach." Just because your post was on Facebook doesn't mean it was seen. It's not uncommon for a post to be shown 10+ times before someone actually views it once. If you run ads, this is sometimes referred to as "serve count."

  • Engagement -- metrically includes likes, shares, comments, reactions, and what each of those led to.

  • Audience share -- the top reason you're doing any of the aforementioned. This is how your crowd connects with your content, and in the process, brings your brand to their network. Next to actually committing to doing business with you, this is social media's highest compliment.

  • Sentiments -- expressed as comments, likes, and shares, it's how your current and prospective customers feel about your brand/services.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) & CPM (Cost Per Mile) -- applicable when you're ready for paid advertisements. This is how you measure return on investment per thousand impressions.

One more piece of prep work

You're almost ready for posting! First, you need to visit to begin converting your personal profile to aa business page (sometimes called a fan page). This is easiest from a computer versus mobile device, but either way, a wizard will easily walk you through each prompt. Why is this necessary? Unless you intend to run nonstop paid ads, this is how you gain access to analytics for free.

PS it's against Facebook's terms of service to have a personal profile for business except when using their Marketplace platform. In practical terms, if you're profile is successfully delivering clients, then you should expect it to draw enough ire to warrant a ban. Don't let this happen.

Bonus: now that you have a business account you're eligible for an "appointments" tab on your page. Use this to schedule calendar time for virtual or in-person meetings directly from Facebook. Data shows that adding this simple "book now" button makes profile visitors 3x more likely to take action on your page. Alternatively, the link could say contact, follow, send message, or more.

Hop on the horse 'cus it's post time!

You are hot to trot and I am done with horse references. Now that your systems are organized you need content to fill your page with. You are the local real estate expert and this will prove it. Plan to create 25-30 high quality posts per month. What's a "quality" post, you ask? One that offers valuable information and provides your followers enough reason to stay subscribed for more. Let's dive in to more specifics.

You may find it helpful to see what the top 100 real estate agents on Facebook are doing. Nothing wrong with sharing your favorites from their page and adding a bit of commentary. Why not just become an exact replica of top 100? You would miss out on proving that you are the local expert worth hiring. There's an infinite amount of high caliber content that can be created. To help decide what hits the mark, ask yourself these questions before pressing that "post" button:

  • Is this new, relevant content viewers would only find from you? Or are you contributing the flood of "Happy Valentine's Day" messages from someone who isn't your valentine?

  • Am I personally interested in this content? If you wouldn't be intrigued to see this on someone else's page then chances are neither are your viewers.

  • Is this written in my voice? Using social media for your business means you are the product. Speak accordingly.

  • Does it spark conversation or ideas?

  • Is it short and simple? If you need a powerpoint presentation to get your point across then you'll lose online audience's attention.

  • Doe it include a photo or video? 90% of your posts should include a graphic to get ranked up by the algorithm.

  • Did you include a call to action? It can be in the comments but you need to ask onlookers to react in some way, book a free consultation, etc.

  • Think like a viewer instead of the poster. The pressure to post daily is certainly real, but if you rush out content people aren't interested in then you can expect them to simply stop viewing your page. Second chances are rare in the digital space.

  • Avoid pixelated, amateur, ugly graphics by using Canva! It's a great, mostly free, tool to place text on pictures and make them more captivating. This will serve as an easy way to create professional looking posts if you don't have PhotoShop skills.

Facebook lead generation is like building a house, it's a step-by-step process.
Facebook lead generation is like building a house, it's a step-by-step process.

That is sooooo much information! Take a breathe. Inhale... Exhale... Now prepare to take the next plunge. It's time to enter the world of video.

You. Need. Video.

Seems like whenever we begin to feel comfortable with the rhythms of a changing world -- BOOM! The mic is dropped and we're starting over. Almost a year ago, Meta (which owns Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp) decided they need to compete with TikTok and YouTube by contending for video plays. What does that mean for you?

Video has been prioritized by the algorithm ever since. Aside from gaining a technical edge, video helps solidify your brand because people can put a face to your name. You may even find it easier to explain what's an REO or a probate sale with a 15-30 second clip. PS those can make great ads when you're ready.

Cinematography can certainly be scary but it can also be easier than you might think. Here's some steps to get started:

  • Produce a Vlog style video like "Comparing FHA vs Conventional loans" or "What your agent does behind the scenes."

  • Try going "Live." These broadcasts will be automatically saved and posted on your page.

  • Share "Reels" from other pages. Not every video needs to be something you created -- but it should include your opinion

  • Always include captions.

  • Avoid watchbait. Facebook's algorithm is trained to find and demote these types of videos.

Just seeing the "play" icon made you want to click. That's the power of video.
Just seeing the "play" icon made you want to click. That's the power of video.

A poor quality video will dissuade even the most die hard fan. These basics will make an instant difference:

  • Turn your phone horizontal to record videos -- unless it's for a "Live." In which case, keep the phone vertical.

  • Use the microphone on your headphones for better audio.

  • Get a mini flexible tripod, Gimble, or at least prop up a few books as a sturdy surface to keep your device from shaking.

  • Set up lots of background lighting. If you can still see shadows then you need more illumination.

Once you've got going, keep track of what has been your most engaging post so far. Knowing what your audience engages with is the best way to replicate success. It can also teach you what's not working so you avoid yesterday's follies. Ultimately, your audience is unique, so there's no absolute objective recipe for success. Continuing to adjust tactics without learning from your analytics is like throwing spaghetti on the wall in hopes some sticks.

Now that you have an idea of what to post, let's talk when to post.

Ideal Posting Times

Ever log on to Facebook and see an event, only to learn it happened hours ago or even last week? Do you wonder why, with thousands (millions) of potential posts out there, you saw this one? Facebook's algorithm triages engagement, which oftentimes happens past tense. Think of a normal social gathering like a party.

After the fiesta is finished you might expect people to comment on how it was, add pictures, connect with new friends, and start planning the next get together. This is the ideal participation model socials want to blast in your face. With that in mind, worry a little less about posting times and focus a little more on what your audience is willing to interact with. A good post from last week can still be shown to the right people a week later.

Nevertheless, when getting started with social media for your agency, it's smart to take every available advantage. Posting when the highest amount of users are online can make a definitive difference. Here's a chart of global 2022 viewership:

Hands down, the best time to post on Facebook is Wednesday at 11AM-1PM. Hold up -- didn't I say to more than once per week? Yes! The next best time to post is weekdays from 9AM-3PM. Ready to get real serious? Set up recurring calendar reminders for:

Monday @ 9AM, 11AM, 3PM

Tuesday @ 9AM, 11AM, 3PM

Wednesday @ 9AM, 10AM, 1PM, 4PM

Thursday @ 9AM, 11AM, 4PM

Friday @ 11AM, 4PM, 6PM

Saturday @ 7AM-11AM

Sunday @ 8AM-9AM


Woosah. It's true, following the steps is mostly straightforward but tailoring them is the onerous part. Please don't get discouraged. You have potential. You have people online that will listen. You CAN do this! Try these solutions as your next step:

  • Install the Facebook pixel! Then you can retarget website visitors who are most likely to, for example, fill out your contact form. This allows you to leverage the massive amount of data that you already know Facebook is collecting.

  • "Like" other pages. They may not like you back but dialogue between pages encourages cross domain interest and improves overall engagement scores for the algorithm.

  • Try "Milestones." These are posts that tell the story of you and your business. They receive organic algorithm boosts. There are two ways to use them. 1) With a specialized style that looks a little different. When posting, select "What's on your mind?" → more (the 3 dots) → life event → milestones → fill in the blanks; 2) Let Facebook do it automatically! This will look like a normal post. You need to write specifically about something that makes a difference to your business and relates to your potential audience. Agents should mention participating in a speaking event/sponsorship, joining a board/professional group, taking on a mentorship role, receiving a promotion, thank-you note/testimonial, recognition (can include being featured in a newspaper/magazine/social media post), or a company/work anniversary.

  • Ask (more) questions to your follower.

  • Use contests, raffles, offers, or promotions. Any contest can go viral if done right. Zero budget? Try something like a free TV or sports ticket after home purchase. Advertise that you pay for the real estate photography or that you'll waive selling commission if the same person buys a home with you. For something like this you need an active audience or a small investment in Facebook's ad platform.

Facebook periscope graphic
Facebook periscope graphic

Final thing

If you want this entire document + the Instagram + LinkedIn guides in a PDF form just click here! Want to see our own examples in real time? Our Facebook page has a ton of behind-the-scenes content while our Instagram hosts a thousand handcrafted images.

Pro tips, props, problems?

Thanks for reading! Found a typo? Want to make this post more helpful? Add your pro tips and props to the comments 🙏

PS it truly makes a difference to local businesses when you share the link, engage via comment, and/or subscribe for updates.


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