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7/12/23 Event: NAMC Lunch & Learn

July 12, 2023 networking! Every homeowner in Houston knows the value of a quality contractor. In fact, many of us are still searching for "the one." Here's your chance to get hands-on with the highest caliber minority and female-owned contractors in the industry. These deserving, accountable folx, are hungry for your business.

Who's the host? NAMC (National Association of Minority Contractors) Greater Houston Chapter. Call 832-797-1842 or email with any questions.

What's the topic? Networking event for agents, investors, brokers, lenders, contractors, service providers, and more.

When is it happening? Wednesday, July 12th, 11:30AM

Where is the meeting? HCC Felix Fraga Academic Building, Room 360, 301 North Brennan St, Houston, TX 77003

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