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4/13/23 Event: Real Equity's Pitch & Mix

April 13, 2023 networking opportunity! This one is for the aggressive off-market deal searchers, serious entrepreneurs, those who want to be like them, annnnnnnd low-key Porsche enthusiasts. Hwut was that last part about??? This unique event will be at the River Oaks Porsche dealership. Imagine grabbing a drink from the open bar while staring at show room models and listening as wholesalers pitch their newest inventory. You can toss your ideas to the crowd if you contact them at least 24 hours beforehand.

PS this group meets monthly but don't worry about memorizing dates because we'll keep you posted 😉

Friendly reminder that we exclusively host free events on our site and never accept payment for any type of posting. Why go through the trouble? Nobody else was doing it! As a local business relying on word-of-mouth through the real estate community for the past 10+ years, we deeply understand how difficult it can be to find helpful platforms -- especially without needing to trade an arm/leg! This is just one small way we can continue giving back.

Please read all the details (that we're aware of) below. Have something to add? Attended? Want to share details or discuss? Is a link broken? Please leave a comment for others and I will try to update accordingly.

Who's the host? Real Equity Acquisitions of Houston. Call 866-380-5248 with any questions.

What's the topic? Networking event featuring off-market deal pitches and related products. You should attend if you're a real estate agent, investor, or wholesaler.

When is it happening? Thursday, April 13th, 2023, 6:30PM

Where is the meeting? The Podium at Porsche River Oaks, 4007B Greenbriar Dr, Houston, TX 77098

To register click/tap the image below

Wan't your event advertised for free?

Email with your flyer, relevant details, and contact information. I promise to reply ASAP 😎

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What is Studio Vos?

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PS it truly makes a difference to local businesses when you share the link or engage via comment. Thank you.


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