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10/31/23 Event: Putting Faith First in Your Real Estate Efforts

October 31, 2023 networking! Honest question: How do you represent Christ as savior in your real estate business? What if you're an appraiser? Inspector? Banker? What are your personal challenges highlighting God in your work? That's what this group is on a quest to find out. There will be praise, speakers, and plenty of open table time for like-minded people to network.

Who's the host? Kurio Collective of Houston. Call Cory at 832-226-2916 or email with any questions.

What's the topic? How to inject your faith into your real estate business. Expect to network with brokers, agents, suppliers, brokers, appraisers, vendors, and more.

When is it happening? Tuesday, October 31st, 10AM

Where is the meeting? Kurio Collective Downtown, 1334 Brittmoore Rd, Houston, TX 77043

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