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10/19/23 Event: Young Realtist Costume + Karaoke Contest

October 19, 2023 networking! Some of y'all may never have been introduced to NAREB's (National Association of Real Estate Brokers) Young Realtist Division category, or YRD for short. With 20 years behind them and a bunch of eager faces coming up in a verrrrry different real estate climate than their parents, maybe you're thinking that it's time to make some of those connections. Great idea -- and we have exactly the opportunity for you today! Prove you're cool by participating in their costume & karaoke contest.

Who's the host? Young Realtist Division of Houston. Direct message on their Facebook page or email with any questions.

What's the topic? Networking event for agents, designers, investors, brokers, lenders, contractors, inspectors, and other service providers (like real estate photographers 😉📸).

When is it happening? Thursday, October 19th, 8PM

Where is the meeting? Spotlight Karaoke, 5901 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057

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Want your event advertised for free? Email with your flyer, relevant details, and contact information. I promise to reply ASAP ⚡️🏃🏻💨💨.

Ready to share your experience? We listed all the details (that we're aware of) above, but would love to hear from you! Do you have something to add? Did you attend? Want to share details or discuss? Is a link broken or address needs updated? Please leave a comment for us/others and we will update pages accordingly.

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